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Jeff Mathias, Iowa Bankruptcy Attorney 4800 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite 218
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
Tel. 515-261-7526
Toll Free 1-800-997-1395 jeff.mathias@gmail.com

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Why Jeff?

Iowa Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Jeff Mathias Statewide Bankruptcy Practice

Why choose Iowa Bankruptcy Attorney Jeff Mathias?

Iowa Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is All Jeff Does

When you only do one thing, you get good at it. Bankruptcy practice is technical, that is why we have our own code, our own Federal Judges, our own Clerk of Court just for Bankruptcy here in Des Moines and our own electronic platform for bankruptcy filings. Jeff spends no time keeping up on other areas of the law, and all his time focused on getting you a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge.

Central Iowa location/Statewide Practice

We can file all cases in Federal Bankruptcy Court here in Des Moines and Des Moines is easy to get to thanks to the convergence of Interstate 80 and Interstate 35 in central Iowa. Many people come to Jeff from all over the state of Iowa and file their bankruptcy in Des Moines. Jeff's Office Location. Des Moines Bankruptcy Hearing Location.

No Long Bankruptcy Packet to Fill Out

Jeff does not use Packets. If you want to spend hours filling out a long packet, you will have to find another attorney. Instead, we prepare well via email/PDF documents (if you have access to a scanner) before we even meet. During your one office appointment we complete your entire bankruptcy petition and sign it. Jeff emails you a PDF copy of the petition to review one more time at home, you approve it and Jeff files weekly.

No Packet to Fill Out - One Office Appointment - Same Week Filing - One Hearing in Des Moines 30 Days Later - Discharge 9 1/2 Weeks after Hearing

jeff mathiasAffordable Fixed Bankruptcy Attorney Fee

There is nothing wrong with Iowa attorneys charging more than Jeff does for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Many have to, because they are not specialized, it does take them more time Because Jeff does just Chapter 7 bankruptcy, he is able to pass the efficiency savings on to you with an affordable fixed attorney fee. A big part of Jeff's efficiency is not using packets. Packets involve lots of back and forth, more meetings, time updating old information and delays in filing.

Quick Answers & Access to Jeff

By nature, bankruptcy clients tend to be somewhat stressed, with lots of questions. Jeff will respond quickly to your emails, often from his cell phone even while away from the office or after business hours. Email Jeff

Great Client Reviews

Jeff's clients have posted many favorable reviews online. Click Here for Avvo Reviews to see what other clients have to say about Jeff.

"Thank you for everything! Super easy process and will definitely be referring you to whoever should need your assistance in the future." - 2013 Client

officeJeff represents Debtors Only, never Creditors

Jeff has never represented a creditor, and never will. So Jeff has no conflicts of interest and never has to send a client away because of representing one of their lenders, no divided loyalties. Jeff's heart is with the little guy.

Iowa bankruptcy Videos

You can get to know Jeff through his Iowa bankruptcy videos before even meeting. By the time you meet with Jeff you will have a pretty good idea of what he is about and how he handles cases.

Jeff uses Technology

Jeff uses his website, YouTube videos, audio recordings, email and PDF documents to prepare you and your case for success, reduce your time in the office and keep costs down. You will have a great record of your case in your permanent email history.

Bankruptcy Attorney Connections Nationwide

Jeff participates in statewide and nationwide bankruptcy attorney list serves through the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and his Iowa bankruptcy attorney contacts. If your case presents a tricky point of law, Jeff will post it on the Iowa or National list serve, collect input from National and Iowa attorney colleagues and figure out the best solution.

Up to Date on Iowa Bankruptcy Law:

Jeff stays current on changes to bankruptcy law and practice by attending Bankruptcy Law Continuing Legal Education each year, including our premier Iowa bankruptcy seminar, provided by the Federal Bar Association, Iowa Chapter Bankruptcy Section.

One on One with Jeff

Jeff is not going to shuffle you off to a legal assistant. Your emails will be with Jeff. Your meeting with be will Jeff. Jeff will be sitting next to you at your hearing to make sure things go smoothly. If issues arise after your case, Jeff will handle them.

lobbyGreat Follow Through

Even after your case, if you continue to get bills or need copies of bankruptcy documents, email Jeff and he will respond quickly to your request.

Jeff views Consumer Bankruptcy as a Financial Planning Tool

There is no reason to feel bad about filing bankruptcy, in fact, we should feel joyful about less stress in our lives and planning a brighter financial future. Many clients have been to other attorneys before finding Jeff, to their great relief. Jeff genuinely enjoys bankruptcy law practice and interacting with clients. Jeff does not judge you.

Learn more about Jeff Mathias!

Jeff Mathias
Iowa Bankruptcy Attorney
Statewide Practice, All 99 Iowa Counties

4800 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite 218
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
Tel. 515-261-7526
Toll Free 1-800-997-1395