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Step 1 - Online Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

If you are under Iowa median income, start with your required online bankruptcy credit counseling. It takes about 90 minutes to complete. Certificates are good for 6 months, so get this done first.

Step 2 - Office Meeting with Jeff in Des Moines

capitol domeHere is the list of documents you will need for your Des Moines office meeting with Jeff. Feel free to email PDF copies to Jeff ahead of time. If you are scanning your own documents, just keep putting each paper on the scanner and click scan and you can put all pay stubs into one file, taxes in another etc.

  • Fees in Cash or Money Order. Since we can't file your case until the fees are fully paid anyway and all petition information and documents must be current on the filing day, it is best to meet once you have all fees together. Many people do borrow this money from family, which is fine. Email Jeff for a quote on his fee and information on what to do to prepare while waiting.
  • Credit Counseling Certificate(s)
  • Past 60 days (Two Months) pay stubs from employer if you work.
  • If you receive small business, Social Security, Child Support, or other income, bring records of how much you have received in the past two years
  • Most recently filed Federal and State income taxes (1040's), including W2's
  • All bills you intend to discharge like credit cards, medical and personal debt including balance or estimate, full address and zip code.
  • Complete creditor name, address, zip code and balance or estimate on debt you plan to keep like home, car & student loans.
  • Copies of Lawsuits, Judgments, Garnishment orders etc.
  • Photo ID and Social Security Card

Get a Head Start

jeff mathiasContact Jeff and we can begin preparing your bankruptcy forms right now via email. Jeff will collect some basic information from you to make sure your case will flow smoothly. We can address your worries early and put your mind at ease. This way, when we meet in the office, most of the work is done and there is less surprise, less stress.

During the office appointment, your petition will be finished, signed and ready to file. There is one more online course to take, but you need to wait until your case is on file. Jeff will email instructions once your case is filed.

Scheduling Des Moines Office Appointment

We are going to prepare for success by email before the office appointment in Des Moines, so it is best to schedule via email. Once you have your credit counseling certificate(s) and other documents ready, Email Jeff with the day you prefer and he can check times. Weekday appointments are normally at 10am or 2pm and some Saturdays are available at 10am. It is best to mention in your email that you are or are not under Iowa median income.

officeStep 3 - Des Moines Bankruptcy Hearing - About 30 days after filing

Jeff will be with you at the hearing to make sure everything goes smoothly. All hearings are held at the Neal Smith Federal Building, 210 Walnut, Room 783, Des Moines, Iowa 50309. Your hearing is about 30 days after filing. Discharge is about 9 1/2 weeks after the hearing.

"Super easy process especially and will definitely be referring you to whoever should need your assistance in the future." - Recent Client